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Rack systems with open-fronted storage boxes

The Stand, Standplus and Box Mobil rack systems are precisely adapted to the sizes of the Classicbox, Systembox and Futura open-fronted storage boxes (OSB), allowing you to make ideal use of the available space and keep track of all the small parts you store. You can put together your own choice of boxes on the rack yourself or order models with the boxes already fitted. Keep reading for more information about the individual OSBs.

The Stand rack is easy to assemble. Made of sheet steel, it is very stable and can be fitted with any OSB range or even extended to include more racks.

The great thing about the Standplus rack is its rails, which can be installed at various heights, allowing you to hang different sizes of OSB on the rack and thus store and keep track of all kinds of small parts.

What makes the Box Mobil so attractive is undoubtedly its manoeuvrability. The set of rails is mounted on four rubber wheels for transporting small parts around workshops and plants with extreme ease.

With side ribs and carrying bars on the larger models, the Classicbox is the most robust of our OSBs and is perfect for carrying heavy loads. A conductive version of the Classicbox is also available (black ESD).

The appeal of the Systembox range lies primarily in its versatility. It can be supplemented with accessories such as labels, screens, lids and length and cross dividers, making it the perfect choice for both industrial and private use.

The Futura range is our ergonomic line of OSBs. Futura containers naturally come with recessed grips for comfortable transport. The system’s streamlined design makes it ideally suited for use in areas for customers or the public.

Newbox Euro-standard container

Euro-standard stackable containers of the Newbox range are available in about 20 different sizes and with a very large variety of grips, bases and walls can be used universally in the storage facility and as transport containers. The containers are stackable and dimensionally
matched with Euro pallets. The Newbox range impresses with a somewhat slimmer and lighter design that is nevertheless robust and dimensionally stable.

Newbox standard types

Basic dimensions

• 300x200 mm
• 400x300 mm
• 600x400 mm
• 800x600 mm


• from 75 to 320 mm


• Grey
• Blue
• Red

Base types

• Closed
• Perforated
• Ribbed, strengthened
• Integrated system base

Side wall types

• Closed
• Perforated
• With access opening

Grip types

• Shell gripp
• Handle strip
• Open grips

Newbox Euro container closed (NB V1/V4)

The closed Euro-standard container of the Newbox range boasts a slim design. Thanks to its robustness and dimensional stability, the Newbox is a durable and economic product.

Newbox Euro container perforated (NB V2/V3)

The perforated SGL-standard stackable containers of the Newbox have a design that is permeable to air and liquids. The continual intake of air means any contents are protected against waterlogging or condensation.

Newbox Euro container access opening (NB V5/V7)

Newbox Euro-standard containers with an access opening enable the contents to be added or removed easily via the opening in the narrow or long side – even in the stack. The design means the organisation and storage of the parts is always visible.

Newbox Euro container integrated system base (NB V6)

It is now child’s play to modularly stack containers of different sizes! This is precisely what the unique ribbed design of the Newbox integrated system base now makes possible, with an enhanced load capacity of the container as a bonus.

Newbox Euro lid (NBC)

The Newbox lid can be operated single-handedly and is available in two versions:
loose for placing on the container or with hinges and closures.

Newbox Euro case (PC)

The Newbox Euro-standard case consists of a Newbox stackable container, a Newbox hinged lid with closures and one or more handles that make it practical and comfortable to carry.

Newbox dividers (Divit)

Newbox dividers allow Newbox containers to be subdivided flexibly and ensure orderliness and provide protection when used.