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All benefits at a glance

  • Standardisation

    Newbox containers comply with the DIN standard, often referred to as the Euro standard, and of course the current REACH and RoHS requirements.

  • Compatibility

    Newbox containers are compatible with all major brands such as Rako, Auer, Bito, Fami, etc. and comply with the R-KLT standard.

  • Load capacity

    Depending on the base type, Newbox containers can carry loads of between 10 and 65 kg.

  • Harmlessness

    Newbox containers are made from food-safe PPC, so there is no need to worry if they come into direct contact with food.

  • Recycling

    PPC can be reused within a closed cycle and still be 100% safe for use with food. Residue, labels and printing are completely removed during the regranulation process.

  • Cleaning

    Newbox containers are suitable for fully automated mobile and stationary washing machines running at up to 80°C.

  • Stability

    Made from PPC, Newbox containers are extremely robust, dimensionally stable and resistant to most acids and oils.

  • Labelling

    Whether it’s with RFID or bar codes, label holders or self-adhesive label pockets, Newbox containers can be individually customised. The labels are ultrasound-resistant and machine-washable up to 130°C.

  • Printing

    The containers can be printed with logos or (from batches of 150 containers) standard lettering in individual colours using hot embossing.

  • Special types

    Other base, grip, side wall and colour options (from batches of 500 containers) are available upon request.